made with loveand a double doseof girl power.

We are a young and creative Social Media Hub, which creates the most authentic campaigns for your brand. By telling moving stories we transfer information into ‘aha-moments’. Our set mission is to turn brands into love(d) brands.

Evelyn completed her master in the field of marketing management in Budapest. Afterwards she moved to Berlin and gained experiences in different jewellery start-ups, where she learned how to start a business from scratch. Later she decided to deepen her knowledge of social media by joining a young start-up social media agency. After gaining more and more experience in the social media space and deeply enjoying the work in the field, Evelyn decided to realise her own vision of social media with her partner in crime Irina and started 99needs.

Irina passed her master studies in business administration in St. Gallen, Switzerland with the dream of one day becoming her own boss. With an eye for aesthetics, a creative touch and a strong imagination she could no longer hold back her passion for design. After her studies, she fought her way up to become the team-leader of the brand squad of a software company, in Munich. Her path has inspired her to invent her own creative mindset. Combined with her experience in the economic sector there was no other way than finally founding 99needs with her beloved partner Evelyn.